The small business “Vivi Art Boutique” from Chișinău received additional funding within the World Bank’s Second Competitiveness Enhancement project (PAC II) in September 2016. One of the purposes of this project is to help small Moldavian companies to enter the international market.

What does “Vivi Art Boutique” manufacture?

“Vivi Art Boutique” Company was opened in 2012. It’s head, inspirer and owner is Evelina Zara. And she is full of enthusiasm and believes in her success. The PAC II project offers her a real chance to adjust export of her products. Evelina Zara affirms, Ukraine and Romania are the first directions, followed by other European countries.

“Vivi Art Boutique” activates in several directions. But only the textile production falls under the terms of the PAC II grant.

From the very beginning of its activity, “Vivi Art Boutique” was actively promoting itself as the manufacturer of the clothes for girls, soft toys and baby bedding, including bed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, etc. “Our assortment is designed for children of ages of 2 to 14”, says Evelina Zara. “Each collection includes 20-25 models and 10 more for inter-seasonal period. Moreover, we have around 160 articles for bedding”.

There are 15 people working for the company today. The average salary is of 5 thousand lei minimum, after all taxes are paid.

It’s not worse, but it’s 3-5 times cheaper

The PAC II project manager Aureliu Casian says, there were 51 Moldavian companies that applied for grant before November 10th of 2016. To obtain funding, they must meet certain requirements: to have the desire to export their products and to pay half the cost of the project. There have to work no more than 249 persons within an enterprise. Thus, the grants are designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

“Vivi Art Boutique” meets all these requirements. Evelina Zara dreams to bring her company on the international market. The presentations of the collections of children clothes under the trademark “Vivi Art Boutique” in Romania and Kazakhstan showed up the ability of Moldavian manufacturer to compete with well-known international brands. “”Our clothes are of high-quality”, says Evelina Zara. “We use only qualitative fabrics and accessories. But the price is 3-5 times lower, comparing to those made by designers with a worldwide reputation”.

The success inspired Evelina Zara to export her collections. Therefore, the technologies used within the workshop are modern and new, as she will have to compete with famous manufacturers on the external markets.

The target audience

The company’s products are designed for specific customers – young families with children of the middle and upper classes.

“Vivi Art Boutique” was opened three years ago and since then actively promotes itself on the local market. On the third floor in commercial center UNIC the company arranged its showroom. During summertime, “Vivi Art Boutique” was displaying its collection for children at the national fashion parades.

Despite the fact the Moldavian market is not big, along with “Vivi Art Boutique” there are four more Moldavian companies, which manufacture clothes for kids. The subjective factors have also a negative influence on Evelina’s activity. Thereby, some clients still consider Moldavian clothes low qualitative. This is why the local customers continue mechanically to buy international brands, unaware of the fact, that there are Moldavian products, which have a better price and quality, comparing to their international analogues. Evelina has no time to wait the Moldavian mentality to change. So, it became a vital step for “Vivi Art Boutique” to enter the foreign markets.

Online trading defines the future

This is one of the areas PAC II project helps in development – to create and promote an attractive and competitive Web site. “Europeans buy online for a long time”, says Evelina Zara. “Around 30% of purchases in Ukraine will soon enough be made through Internet”. Thus, the “Vivi Art Boutique” director is looking for specialists to create a Web site, which will be modern and relevant and attractive in the following 5-6 years. “We will sell only our products through this Internet-shop”, says Evelina Zara.

The collaboration between “Vivi Art Boutique” and PAC II will be completed by the end of the year. By this time Evelina Zara intends to fulfill all terms of the contract, in order to present her products to international customers.